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World Mental Health Day 2022

Welcome to World Mental Health Day October 10th.

Today is an important day for soo many. It's a day when people can remember that we are all in this together, that mental illness is extremely common, that it could affect us personally or someone we love, a friend, a colleague. .

I have to share a story to explain why today is important to me. I mentioned to my dearest friend in Australia that today is World Mental Health Day (every year now!), and he said to me, really?? I can be a part of this day?? We have a ribbon too?? In a society that essentially threw him away for many years before, kept him hidden and sitgmatised him until he felt he was nothing. Finally, he has a day he said. He now has a day to be proud, empowered and feel as he put it, "normal" again knowing that he isn't alone, because many are affected by mental health and just don't talk about it for fear of being stigmatised.

Try to think of what this day means to you.

Do you feel empowered?

Can you relate to my story?

What has it been like for you?

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