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Walking on Eggshells

How many of you have had the experience of "walking on eggshells", do you know what this means? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as, "to be very careful not to offend or upset someone"

"Walking on eggshells" around someone, is when you pick and choose your words very carefully so as to not set off an argument, abuse, fight, or general break down of communication.

You can have had this experience in your family, your relationship, a friend, with a colleague at work, or you, yourself are the person people walk on eggshells around. Whatever the case, we can learn some self awareness around this style of communication and hopefully try to approach conversations in a healthier way for all parties involved. Learning how to use more mindful communication in the moment can help. Pausing to think about our reactions can help as well. Words are everything! We can change, if we are aware.

If you come from a trauma background, you may be even more aware of this situation and may try to avoid it entirely. Or if you are the person people walk on eggshells around you may not know that you are doing this. Awareness is necessary for change.

Communication is such an important area of mental health, we will continue to talk about this topic on other occasions.

Have you walked on eggshells around anyone?

What did it feel like?

Did you find a way to stop walking on eggshells with this person, family member, colleague, friend, etc?

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