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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

We are all vulnerable when we open ourselves up to a new life in a new country, or to a new career, a move from your city of birth, change of job, new relationships, sharing our story.

Vulnerability is a part of all of these decisions. It's not a comfortable feeling at all. It brings up fear in us, will we make it in this new country? New job? City? Will I be judged for my story? We risk emotional exposure. One of the best sources on the topic of Vulnerability is Brené Brown.

”vulnerability is the core of shame and fear and our struggle for worthiness, but it appears that it's also the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love.”

Sharing Stories, Sharing vulnerability takes courage

I am a strong advocate in sharing stories, showing vulnerability to build connections between others. Allowing us to see that we are all very similar. Our stories make us who we are, and through sharing with connections and community, we are stronger and courageous.

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? If so when?

What does being vulnerable mean to you?

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