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Trauma Triggers

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

You may have noticed that the word “trigger” or “triggered” is everywhere these days…and while I am grateful to end stigma around these words, it would be good if there was more explanation about the true origins. Mainstream and social media have adopted this word and not in the nicest ways sometimes. In the mental health community, this word has been used for a lot longer and we want it back.

If you have experienced trauma, you know that a trauma trigger is a powerful thing. A trigger can take you right back to the trauma in your mind. You might go directly back into your Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn trauma response. You might be reliving the original trauma all over again. Our bodies react. A strong emotional and physical reaction can happen. You are back in that moment. If this is happening to you regularly, please know there is help. Find a trauma informed mental health professional to help you. Therapy works.

Types of trauma triggers

Sounds and People

Places and Media

Feelings and Situations

Can you relate to a trauma trigger or several?

Have you had this experience?

During the lockdowns you may have experienced trauma (living through a collective trauma will do that to us!) and you are just now seeing the triggers, has this happened to you?

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