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Toxic Positivity

In being positive, we might have the kindest of intentions, we may want to simply help someone, or not know what else to say. But it's important to acknowledge that sometimes our words of positivity might actually have a negative impact on our loved ones. Words are important.

What are some examples of Toxic Positivity?

Have you ever been told that, "other people have it worse than you" or "everything happens for a reason"... "Just look at the bright side of things!"... If you had experienced systemic racism, domestic violence, disabilities, LGBTQIA discrimination, etc. How would those statements sound to you?

Being mindful of what you say and how it could affect the other person is a place to start. In counselling, your therapist might tell you to "feel your emotions", really feel them. Be authentic with yourself, tune into your awareness of yourself... yes counselling lingo! Pushing positivity all of the time doesn't allow for hardships in life that need to be talked through for your mental health and wellness. Pushing constant positivity brushes over important areas that need to be talked about and continually worked on in society in order for progress to occur.

Take a moment to reflect: Have you ever had the experience of toxic positivity? Even if the person meant no harm, how did it feel? Have you pushed positivity on someone?

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