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What is Perfectionism?

I wanted to bring up the topic of Perfectionism. We have talked about it before, but we haven't really discussed our own relationships with perfectionism. There can be a lot of fear involved in being a perfectionist or having perfectionistic tendencies. Fear of starting a project, fear of it not being perfect, fear of making a mistake that everyone can see. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of judgement. We have probably all felt elements of this in our own lives....Sometimes having a little bit of perfectionism can encourage us to achieve goals, move forward.

However, it becomes a problem when perfectionism starts dominating your life. When perfectionism starts to leave us crippled with fear to move forward or continue do do the things we used to love out of fear of failure, then it's time to seek help. My designs are based on: psychologytools and psychologytoday, as well as verywellmind.

Types of Perfectionism

Can you think of anytime in your life when you have had perfectionistic tendencies? How did they help or hurt you? Are you a perfectionist? What sort of things need to be perfect? How can you get rid of this fear of failure?

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