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Mental Health and Men

Hi all, as a part of suicide prevention month I want to focus on the men. Men (all men, cis, trans men, etc.).

Do you know how the men in your life are?

Start a conversation with the men in your life. Ask how they are doing? This person could be a partner, a family member, a friend, colleagues, teammates a neighbour. Don't be shy, your conversation could change someone's life. If we are going to end the stigma around mental health, let's consider everyone.

To all men silently struggling with mental health, you’re not alone we're here for you.

Have you ever felt one of these? Do you feel it is difficult to talk to someone? What have you done to normalise the stigma around mental health for men? Do you think it's getting easier for men to get help? Have you lost someone do to the stigma?

Take care everyone

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