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Energy Levels

I wanted to bring up energy. The amount of energy we use to complete a task, to do something in our day to day life. Recently, for some it's been a busy, hectic time....!

Many who struggle with chronic illness, mental health concerns and disabilities are often confronted with a lack of energy to face the day. Whether it's getting out of bed, showering or attending a doctor's appointment there is a metaphor many refer to.

This metaphor is called "Spoon Theory". Funnily enough, it has nothing to do with food!

Spoon was created by Christine Miserandino (who has lupus), as a way of to explain how people living with chronic illnesses which cause fatigue, and mental illnesses, and disabilities manage their energy levels.

The more energy something requires of a person, the more spoons someone needs. Take care all make time to recharge!

Have you heard of spoon theory? Where do you spend most of your energy? Have you experienced lack of energy/ fatigue? Have you thought of how lack of energy affects the day to day life of some?

Spoon Theory is..

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